About Us

Hello everyone! We are delighted you've chosen to find a little more about who we are because equally we all love and enjoy what we do as a family.

What is Work Before Sleep? Not only are we an American founded company but also, Work Before Sleep is a way of life. Built on the focus point of, not only working before sleep but rather getting more work done before you sleep, comfortably, every day while aspiring to do more with the 24 hours you have in a day. After all, sleeping is great for your health but working always puts you a step towards your goal, always. Especially if you enjoy what you do.

As you could've guessed we noticed a very costly market and felt the need to provide stylish (yet comfortable) clothing that provides a maximum level of chillitude! After all, you worked hard for your money, bills are due, tuition's arriving any day now, holidays are every year, or it's time to start up those trust funds. No matter the situation -- our priority is to save you more cha-ching! Who doesn't love a lil' extra cheese!?

Our goals are to inspire as many people as possible both young and old to maintain a healthy, working, hungry attitude while aspiring to become their own boss whether it's to create a better life for your family, build your community or whichever path you should choose. We're here for, YOU! You will always come first at Work Before Sleep, NO EXCEPTIONS!

In closing, Work Before Sleep will remain dedicated to clothing both youth and adults while staying active in our community, inspiring those staying up all hours of the night to accomplish their dreams. No matter how many no's, how much doubt you receive; we want you to stay focused and keep working towards your goals with the people you love and sleep off the hate! We got your back!!

Thank you for your support, it truly means everything to us.

Remember to always Work Before Sleep😁